got rid of one…

got rid of one…


홍진영 선배님의 추천으로 ALS 아이스버킷챌린지에 동참하게 됐습니다. 얼음물 샤워 대신 승일희망재단에서 진행 중인 루게릭 요양병원 기금 모금 참여를 통해 뜻을 보태기로 했습니다. 많은 분들의 마음이 모여 루게릭 환우들에게 도움이 되길 바랍니다.

Through Hong Jinyoung senior’s nomination, we participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. However, instead of a ice water shower, we decided to participate and add meaning onto the Lou Gehrig’s Recuperation Hospital donation taking at the Seungil Hope Foundation. I hope many people will come together and become of help to Lou Gehrig’s patients.

“ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” “Please support together” “Seungil Hope Foundation Shinhan Bank 100-028-685586”

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140823 Suga’s Tweets


안녕하세요 슈간데요 잠이 안오는 새벽이라 감성 트윗 하나 날려볼까 합니다

Hello it’s Suga and it’s a sleepless midnight so I think I’m going to post a sensitive (gamsung) tweet now



(Note: Same word as the one for “sensitivity” but the image shows a dome/castle thing (성 ; sung) made out of persimmons (감 ; gam))

여러분 이번 앨범 어때요 마음에 드세요?? 껄껄 전 최근에 저희 앨범만 듣고 있답니다 간간히 믹스테잎 작업두 하고 있구요 오랫동안 공개곡을 못올린것에 대해서 죄송하게 생각하고 있어요 ㅠㅠ 앨범준비도 빠듯한지라 ㅠㅠ

Everyone how’s our latest album do you like it?? Kkulkkul I’ve been listening to our album only lately I’ve also been working on my mixtape I feel sorry that I haven’t uploaded a public song for a while now ㅠㅠ album preparations were busy ㅠㅠ

원래 올해안에 10곡이상 추려 믹스테잎을 발표하고 싶었어서 비트작업두 열심히하고 앨범 틈틈히 다른 곡 작업도 했는데 몸이 한개인지라 생각보다 진행이 잘안되고있네요 그래도 앨범을 좋아해주셔서 다행이에요!! 다크앤 와일드 앨범 전곡 다 좋죠?? 하하

I originally wanted to release a mixtape with 10 songs I chose by the end of the year and so I worked hard on the beats while also working on our album and other songs but perhaps it’s because I only have one body, it’s not working out so well but I’m glad that you all like our album!! All the Dark & Wild songs are good, right?? Haha

방송 첫주를 돌고 있는데 매일매일 여러분께 놀랍고 감사하다는 생각을 하고있어요 평일 아침부터 저희를 보러 와주시고 너무 감사하고 사랑해요 참 이런 말을 여러분 앞에서 할수 있다면 좋을텐데 표현이 서툰지라 껄껄 그래도 제 마음 다 알죠?

We’re in our first week of promotions and I’m surprised and thankful every day because of you all. Thank you and I love you for coming to see us on weekday mornings. It’d be nice if I could say this directly in front of everyone but I’m bad at expressing things kkulkkul but you know how I feel, right?

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